I used to travel, a lot. That was before I had three awesome and very demanding children. I found that with each new baby, travel became more difficult and I developed a ‘stay home because it’s easier’ attitude. As I got the hang of being a mom I realized how much I missed being on adventures and started dreaming of a big family adventure. The way I figured, if I’m going to be crazy, I might as well do it while traveling. And so the dreaming got bigger.

A few months ago I got my big break. I convinced my husband too. We have decided to rent out our house, use our savings and head to South America for the winter. It’s given us three months to prepare. And it seems like I need every bit of that time! It used to be so easy for me to just buy a ticket and fly to a new destination with a ‘I’ll figure it out as I go’ attitude but that won’t work with three kids in tow. IMG_9045So here’s to this crazy journey of searching for info, learning Spanish, reading travel blogs and online reviews, finding kid gear and getting our house ready to embark on what I hope turns out to be the best of times. Really it has already begun and how fantastic is that?

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