A family in motion

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IMG_9045Having three kids can be a bit crazy at times. For most people the thought of traveling with three kids isn’t a good one. I see it as an adventure with my favorite people in this world. Yes, it can be a challenge and yes it can be so intense at times that I wonder why I willingly put myself into these positions in the first place. But it can also be so fun and fulfilling that I find more contentment in the joy of sharing new experiences with my family than anything else experienced thus far. Stopping on the side of the road to carve into dusty cliffs, taking dips in remote and enticing lakes, spending an afternoon tide pooling for exciting creatures, these spontaneous moments are the magic of our lives and I love the joy in experiencing them with my children. We are a family in motion, in exploration, and when we can, a family traveling and exploring this awesome world of ours. This blog is our record of that adventure and more.